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  Tutorials: Building a ship route

This tutorial is a beginner's guide to building ship routes. Whilst relatively simple, this shows some of the problems you may face and how to fix them.

Step 1: Building the Sea Port

Tutorial Picture
Firstly, you'll need to build a port for your ships at each stop. They need to be located on a 2x2 area of dry land by the water's edge. Above you can see a simple sea port placement on the side of the hill.

Tutorial Picture
If you cannot place the sea port directly on the land, you may need to raise up an area to work on. You can then place the sea port on this area. You can have a sloped edge although it is not necessary.

Step 2: Setting the route

Tutorial Picture
Place your ship by one of the ports and go to the Route tab (the one with the arrows) and click on the ports you want the ship to travel to. You can then click the green flag on the first tab to set it going.

Step 3: Lost Ships

Tutorial Picture
If your route isn't just a straight line, your ships may be lost or stuck, being unable to find the right route. I advise you to watch each route you set up at least once, to ensure you won't have trouble.

Tutorial Picture
To fix problems with the routes, create waypoints to direct the ship. To create a waypoint, click on any open bit of water. If you place the waypoints on the tips of the sticking out areas, it will help to guide the ship round the problems. You will also need to place waypoints for the return journey.

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