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  Tips and Tricks

This section is devoted to providing little hints and tips that made the game more fun to play. Feel free to submit new tips and your name will be added to the credits.


  • You can multi-head trains by adding another engine, in the same manner as you add wagons.
  • Ships can make a lot of money - just get a few running from the oil rigs to the refineries.
  • In a nicely grown city, trams make fifty times their running cost in profits! Low running costs, high capacity and speed make them the inner-city transport of choice.
  • Full Load is only good for keeping station ratings high, because the transit time starts counting as soon as the vehicle starts loading.
  • When building trains, click the reverse icon to make them face the other way and then add wagons. The train will now drive backwards.
  • Wagons have speed limits too - a train is only as fast as its slowest wagon.
  • Click the Local line on a train's orders to switch it to Express. Express trains don't stop at stations which aren't on the route.


  • Use the right mouse button to delete trees, stations, signals and buildings whilst you have a building window open.
  • Hold shift to begin building underground straight away.
  • You can build your own indutries in the second tab of the View Industry window.
  • You can build multiple stops for the same bus/tram station, increasing the catchment area.
  • If you have the single signal selected, you can delete just one of a 2 way signal to convert it to one way.


  • You can change the shortcut keys for common tasks in the Options.
  • The mouse wheel can be used for zooming in and out.
  • Click on an empty track/sea to set waypoints for the vehicle
  • Hold down the right mouse button and use the mouse wheel to roate the view


  • To stop competitors' road vehicles, place some track over the road and dump a wagon in the way.


  • There is a cheat in Locomotion that lets you drive the trains yourself! To enter this mode, stop a train entirely, hold down the INSERT key and type DRIVER, then let go of the INSERT key. Press the Stop/Go flag, and select the Manual option. Chris Sawyer's site has more information on this mode.

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