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Owen's Locomotion Depot
The Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository
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Welcome to the Locomotion Depot!

Welcome to Owen's Locomotion Depot! This site provides hints, tips and information about Chris Sawyer's transport simulation game, Locomotion, the spiritual sequel to Transport Tycoon. The site is run by Owen Rudge, a long time TT fanatic, and is based on content formerly part of Stephen Brandwood's Locomotion Depot.

What's On This Site?

This site contains lots of information on Chris Sawyer's Locomotion. Learn about the game in the Game Info section. If you don't have a copy of the game, the Where To Get It page may be helpful. Once you've got the game, use the tutorials and tips in the strategy section to improve your gameplay. Finally, if you want to extend the game, or communicate with other players of Locomotion, check out the Other Resources section.

News: Strongbow’s 2024 Creations released (19th January 2024)

Strongbow’s 2024 content pack is now available for download. Check it out on the Strongbow’s Creations page!


If you have any queries, suggestions or comments, feel free to get in touch.


Owen Rudge, Webmaster

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