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AMI Trains
  Strongbow's creations

  • European Plane Pack v3.4 (3.12 MB, 2,939 downloads)

    Authors: Strongbow, Damage, Hodkowicz


    - Tupolev Tu-104
    - Tupolev Tu-154
    - Airbus A320

  • GT Racers v2.0 (458.09 KB, 2,343 downloads)

    Authors: Strongbow / robinH

    Simulate 60s endurance races in Locomotion with this pack. Included are 2 classic cars, the Porsche 906 and the Ford GT40 in 2 liveries.

    In the 2.0 package you'll find three additional modern GT cars, entered at recent FIA GT and Le Mans races by the british Prodrive group. The update includes the Ferrari 550 Maranello and Aston Martin DBR9 in both green and Gulf liveries.

  • GTW Generation 2+ v2.4 (10.42 MB, 2,300 downloads)

    Pack consists of diesel GTWs made by Stadler from Slovakia, Greece and Italy (Vinschgerbahn in the South Tyrol).

  • GWR Railcar Special Edition Set, version 2.0 (882.7 KB, 4,246 downloads)

    This small set is meant as a special add-on for the BR set, to add the long sought GWR Railcar unit. In real life, these were constructed by Associated Equipment Co. Ltd. (AEC) for the Great Western Railway, later nationalised to BR. Included are four basic versions based on the latter Swindon bodied railcars, which were the most commonly used ones.

    V1.01: Changed the sounds to more realistic ones for a DMU.

    V2.0: Added the twin units in GWR, BR Crimson and BR green liveries and fixed the bogies, they were pointing in the wrong direction on slopes.

  • Berlin Subway Historical Pack (including Moscow trains) v1.4 (829.31 KB, 2,597 downloads)

    This pack includes the Berlin Type C train from the year 1930, which was "exported" to Moscow and St.Petersburg after WW2. It also includes a subway station, similar to the Schoenhauser Allee one in Berlin. These trains and the station are a part of the S+U-Bahn Pack on locomotion-fanpage.net, created together with SQ and Stepke.

  • Low-floor Trams v2.3 (5.77 MB, 3,040 downloads)

    Authors: Strongbow / Hodkowicz

    Includes Skoda 13T, 14T, 15T, 16T and 19T trams, as well as the ForCity Tram. See Readme in the download for full details.

  • Matterhorn Railways v1.2 (3.38 MB, 2,652 downloads)

    The pack consists of the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn and Gornergratbahn narrow gauge railway units from Switzerland and the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya rack units from Spain that share a similar design.

  • Manitou and Pike's Peak Cog Railway Mini-Pack, version 1.0 (166.79 KB, 3,399 downloads)

    This is just a simple conversion of my Swiss rack railcars from the Tatra Electric Railways pack. Requested by jimmyp4 on the Transport Tycoon Forums.

  • Prague metro pack (including Moscow trains) v5.5 (6.63 MB, 2,822 downloads)

    Authors: Strongbow / Plastikman / Oleg

    This pack includes the ECS metro train imported to Prague, capital of Czechoslovakia, in 1974 from Soviet Union. It's been running till 1997 on 2 of the 3 Prague's metro lines.

  • Strongbow's 2021 Updates (6.78 MB, 682 downloads)

    2021 updates to the Tatra Electric Railways, GTW Generation 2+ and Low-floor Trams packs. See readme.txt for more information.

  • Strongbow's 2022 Updates (17.2 MB, 543 downloads)

    2022 updates to the Tatra Electric Railways and Matterhorn Railways packs as well as new sets - Bernina Express, Bernina Panoramic Express, Crystal Panoramic Express, Glacier Express, Goldenpass Panoramic, Superpanoramic Express and Westswiss Metergauge. The sets include swiss panorama carriages made by R+J, Breda and Stadler and the Ge 4/4 III locomotive.

  • Strongbow's 2023 Updates (14.47 MB, 407 downloads)

    2023 update to my packs as well as new narrow gauge stock - RhB Capricorn, RhB Alvra trainset, HGe 4/4 II and Ge 4/4 III locomotives, ZB Spatz and Fink units, the unique Goldenpass Express and more.

  • Strongbow's 2024 Updates (12.3 MB, 174 downloads)

    2024 update to my packs as well as new narrow gauge stock - MGB Orion, RhB Allegras in retro colours, BOB ABDeh8/8 and more.

  • Strongbow Database (PDF) (774.53 KB, 2,903 downloads)

    Database of many Strongbow vehicles, including images and vehicle statistics.

  • Tatra Electric Railways v3.6 (8.07 MB, 2,992 downloads)

    Authors: Strongbow, barney_5uk

    This pack consists of the narrow-gauge trains running in the High Tatra mountain range in Slovakia, transporting mainly tourists. It should not be confused with the Czech Tatra factory, which was named after the mountains and except for the geographical location, has nothing in common with these trains. Well, except the class 420.95 train, which actually was made by Tatra. :)

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