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  Rail Networks: Roll-on, roll-off station layouts

This type of station uses both sides of the station. Trains enter from one end and leave via the other. Whilst this type of station uses more track and therefore more money, it is much more efficient than a terminus station. This is because trains no longer need to wait for other trains leaving the station, before they can enter it. The signal design on this station is also much more complex and the station overall needs a lot more room. The picture below shows a typical ro-ro station, followed by different track layouts for the entrance and exits.

These layouts are shown at the entrance of the station, but they apply to the exits too. To change these to the exit version, apply one-way signals to the station and switch the direction of the signal leading out so the trains are directed in the right direction. Please note that the names of these stations, like the Terminus stations, were just made up, and may not reflect the names used by others in the community!

The Claw

This design is quite compact and offers unlimited platform size. Although, it requires your train to be entering the station from the side, rather than the front. This style is easy to build and is often the best option.

The Tree

When approaching a station from the front, this design lets the train visit any platform it likes with ease. It works fine with 5 platforms, but any more and the entrance or exit will get too long to be efficient. It is a fairly easy to build layout and easy to see where all the lines go.

Thanks to all the people who sent in pictures and comments. They were helpful in making this page.

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