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Demo Released
Posted by Steve - 4 Sep 2004

A demo version of locomotion has been released to the public. I will be using the version to help bulk the site up more, but most of the information will come from the full game as that is a better source.

Head over to this thread on the TT-Forums for information on where you can download it. I'll be bringing information throughout tomorrow and next week.

Posted by Steve - 5 Sep 2004

Today I have updated several things.
Firstly, I have added alot more industries to the Industry page, with new pictures. You can now enjoy a near-completed list with high-resolution pictures. There may still be some industries that were not featured in the demo and they will appear as soon as we know about them.

Secondly, I have added the Tutorial section and a tutorial to go with it. It explains one of the features of Locomotion you may of not been familar with and one that greatly enchances the gameplay.

Finally I have altered the site slightly. The links are now a much nicer colour. It is a minor change, but i felt it needed changing. You can expect a logo change in the near-future too.

I will be starting a vehicle list now that I know more about the vehicles in the game. It will be limited because we only have the demo to use as a source and it will also take a while to complete, as each climate has it's own range of vehicles.

Guides and Tutorials
Posted by Steve - 6 Sep 2004

Today i have added a new tutorial, showing how to build tunnels. I have also added a new section on Rail Networks. There is a guide in there about station design too.

Over the next few days I'll be adding some more tutorials and at least 1 new section. People have asked for some tutorials on the simplier aspects of track building. I'll try and get something up for them. I'll also replace some of the screenshots on the site with my own.

I've had alot of good support and it's all greatly appreciated. In fact, it helps me to get to work on more content! Keep it coming!

Need a good title
Posted by Steve - 6 Sep 2004

I have added 2 more guides in the Network section. They show how to use dual track systems. I have also added a "Back to Top" link on all tutorial and guides, to save you from all that scrolling.

User Submissions
Posted by Steve - 7 Sep 2004

Today I added the Tips and Tricks section. This section was mostly thought up by patchman, the brains behind TTDPatch. I will be adding more tips to this list as i explore the demo and the actual game.

I have also added another guide in the Rail Networks section with general information about rail track and bridges. Again, this mainly came from ideas from patchman.

The next few days will bring more tutorials mostly and some more additions to other parts of the site. But if my copy of Locomotion arrives in the post tomorrow, don't worry if i just dissapear off the internet. I'm sure i'll be back someday.

Something New
Posted by Steve - 8 Sep 2004

You may have noticed a new bar on the left. You may think it resembles an advertisement, but don't be afraid! It is a friendly advert!

Some of you may know that websites aren't free, but i'm not going to fill the page with useless adverts with gimmicks to make you click. The only adverts you will see featured here are directly related to Locomotion.

In this case, if you were to follow the link to amazon.co.uk and purchase something, including Locomotion itself, i would get part of the profits. So not only do you get a brilliant game, you help me make this brilliant site!

Amazon is the only site i've found that give me the flexibility to make the advert for Locomotion, but if anyone else can recommend something, please do. Also, if the advert causes you any problems, please contact me about that too.

In other news, I have added 2 new beginner's tutorals and re-structured the section slightly. I have also had some troubles with signals in Locomotion. The guides on Track Layouts may not be completely correct, so i apologise for any problems there. When i get my full game, i will investigate fully.

Posted by Steve - 9 Sep 2004

I guess that nice advert ruins my xhtml.. i'll get rid of it. And thanks to the weird email i got showing me the problem.

New Domain
Posted by Steve - 10 Sep 2004

You can now find this site at: www.locomotiondepot.net when the DNS servers catch up.

I'm still alive
Posted by Steve - 12 Sep 2004

I have a been a bit quiet over the past few days, for several reasons. Firstly, I've been playing Locomotion, they just made it a little too addictive. I'm fighting that addiction today just so i can get some stuff done.

I have also been working on the new tutorial section. It doesn't look alot different, but it's now coded into a database rather than just plain xhtml. This means I can now add cool things, like make it highlight new tutorials. I also moved the tutorial menu to the main page, as it was getting far too big to sit at the top of every page.

I've also been trying to cope with all the posts on the forums. Loads of them to deal with.. unfortunately i can't read them all anymore.

Today, I'll be adding a new tutorial, fixing some Rail Network stuff and adding a temporary scenario bit. The scenario bit will get fully coded eventually, when i have more things to put in it.

Every day we get more and more visitors and i have to give you all a big thanks for visiting. Don't delay to send any comments to me.

Posted by Steve - 14 Sep 2004

You can now head over to the scenario section to see some scenarios. All the details for putting your own scenarios here are included in that page. The system is very basic at the moment, but will get better as it is needed.

Posted by Steve - 15 Sep 2004

I have finally updated the Rail Networks section with new versions of the stations. There are now full deatils on both Terminus and RoRo stations there now. And I'm sure it all works.

I have also added a few more scenarios for you to play. I haven't played them myself, so if there is anything evil about them, let me know and I'll remove them.

Posted by Steve - 20 Sep 2004

I've had several emails about it and I'll just confirm it here. The forums are down. Really far down, hopefully they'll get fixed. If they don't, I'll put up some temporary forums here, then we can at least talk about stuff.

In site news: I have some enhancements planned, but kinda want to get some more things from the forums in order to make them. I would also like to get some more scenarios posted up, but that requires the information I put on the forums, although you can still use the contact form to mail me and then I'll reply with the address you can use.

Forums +
Posted by Steve - 21 Sep 2004

If you go click the Forums link in the bar you will be taken over to the new Forums page with links to both the older TT-Forums and the brand new Locomotion Depot forums. These new forums are aimed at creating new objects for Locomotion. People are already creating new trains, bridges and tracks for use in the game. The forum is to help the community help itself, sharing information to help the community grow. I may also add some more pages to hold information when it exists.

On the left we now have some adverts. These ones don't break my XHTML so will be staying there for the forseeable future. If you have any problems with them, please let me know.

Posted by Steve - 23 Sep 2004

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of a Wiki. It is a website designed for people to enter information that is easily viewable by anyone and easily edited with updates and such. Luckily for you guys, I have created a new Locomotion Wiki for use by all! It is designed for people who are interested in making new objects for Locomotion, so they can find out how to create things from other users.

You can get to the Wiki at: http://wiki.locomotiondepot.net/ If you have discovered anything about Locomotion when creating a new object, please post about it on the Wiki, so other people can use that information themselves.

Tips and Tricks
Posted by Steve - 29 Sep 2004

I had planned to update some more tips onto that page, but can't find them. If you have any Tips please e-mail them to me so i have a copy of them and i'll then update them as soon as possible.

New File Format
Posted by Steve - 30 Sep 2004

I had a breakthrough a few minutes ago. Why not put all the scenarios in .zip files and help cut down on file sizes! So now all the scenarios are in the relevant zip files. This means i can also put the screenshots and readme files in there too. Another addition is the nice Georgia Scenario.

To help spread new things that people have added to Locomotion, I have devised a clever scheme called the "Community Expanision Packs". These are user made packs of new and exciting objects that we have made for Locomotion and are willing to share with the community. Head over to the forums for more information. If you have your own items, you may be able to get them into a CEP, so have a look at the thread now!

Oh, if anything breaks, you don't like the logo or perhaps you just don't like me. Let me know via the contacts page and we'll see what we can sort out.

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