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Posted by Steve - 7 Aug 2004

Welcome to my Locomotion based website! You may notice it is a bit empty.. this is because i haven't got much to put here.

When i have the game in my hands, expect all the sections to be filled in! I'll try and put as much information as i can before then too!

Thanks for visiting!

Locomotion Trailer
Posted by Steve - 25 Aug 2004

I have uploaded the new Locomotion trailer to the website! It shows all the different types of transport we can expect in Locomotion. The graphics on the landing plane are especially interesting.
You can find it in the Overview section, or by clicking here!

New Sections
Posted by Steve - 26 Aug 2004

I have added 2 new sections to the site.
The first is content on the Vehicles page, I have gone through all the screenshots and taken pictures of all the vehicles and collated them together. This is a temporary solution, before i get my hands on the real game. When the game is released, you can expect a full description of each vehicle with it's statistics and a picture.
The second change is the addition of a contacts page. You can use the form to mail me directly and other contact details are listed as well.
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.

Posted by Steve - 27 Aug 2004

I went through some screenshots and have brought all the information I can find on the industries, along with some pictures. Just visit the industry page to see the new information.
I will also be updating the layout of the site. Whilst the design will stay the same, it will be much better coded and hopefully load faster. If you find any problems with the layout, specifically with old browsers, send me a message.

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