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OK, it's been a little quiet
Posted by Steve - 4 Nov 2004

I haven't posted anything in those spot for over a month, but I have been doing some cool stuff. Mainly I've been developed the Expanded Aiport Pack which will not only contain a fix for the Large Airport lock-ups, but 2 new airports!

You can look forward to a new larger Heliport, with 4 helipads, to enable you to service towns from the air with much greater efficiency. I'm also developing a dual runway airport, although it's having some tough times, alot has been learnt from the previous tests (and documented on the wiki!) so it should go quite well. It is only planned to have 4 terminals, whereas the initial designs had 7, but it should be quite efficient, so more shouldn't be needed. Problems with the structure of the airport limited the number of terminals greatly.

I have still been updating the scenario section whenever I have been sent a new scenario. So if you have a masterpiece you wish to share, just send me an e-mail (details are on the scenario page). I will also be accepting any tutorials you can create, as doing everything myself is proving troublesome. So if you have one, or just an idea, send me a mail and I'll see what I can do.

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